Employers are influenced by such factors as technical skills displayed, class attendance, character, personality traits, a favorable appearance, driving record, previous work history, and the basic desire to work .  Many of our students receive multiple truck driver job offers prior to graduation.  This is possible by the many trucking companies who send their recruiters to Continental and the assistance students receive on the proper methods of completing employment applications and interviewing techniques.  Job Placement is neither a guarantee nor an offer of employment by Continental.

Our placement staff stands ready to assist students and graduates in obtaining a career as a CDL truck driver.  The placement staff has continual contact with companies and graduates and acts as a clearinghouse, matching up a company with a Continental graduate.  We receive many compliments on our placement department for their dedication and resiliency in placing students.  We do an excellent job assisting our students in obtaining employment as a CDL truck driver.  Job Placement is also available in future years, should the graduate contemplate a change in jobs.  However, priority is always given to the most recent graduates.

The primary goal of the Graduate Placement Service is to strive to place graduates in entry level truck driver jobs.  Continental gives you the freedom to choose your future employer based on the employer's hiring requirements.  Over the years Continental has earned well deserved stature within the trucking industry.  This means the CDL driver training our graduates received through Continental is well received by the trucking industry.  The graduate should remember the final decision as to who will be hired rests entirely with the employer.   



Below are some of the major carriers that our students start their careers with after obtaining their Class A CDL license with Continental.  Our students are also placed with other carriers and private fleets.  Click the logo of the carrier of your choice for information about that carrier. 


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